25 Jan 2017

Allego and BMW have signed an agreement to offer Dutch companies a complete solution for making their fleets sustainable.

Growing numbers of companies want sustainable mobility, but they often lack a total solution where electric cars, a charging infrastructure and services are delivered as a unitary package. BMW and Allego are the first in the Netherlands to offer this total package.

A simple and complete solution through collaboration

Electric vehicles have become a mature alternative for many companies. In this collaboration, BMW provides the electric vehicles and Allego takes care of the charging infrastructure and services. For organisations, this means an all-in-one solution letting them take a simpler and bigger step towards making their fleets, and their locations, sustainable. Allego offers flexible and scalable solutions. For instance, one charging point can be provided, or an entire charging station with an unlimited number of sockets – a so-called ‘ChargingPlaza’, based on smart and central power management. This charging station is also scalable, and can evolve with the electric fleet.

Allego and BMW are ensuring simplicity in requesting, managing and monitoring the electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Online tools give the organisations insight into the charging patterns of their fleets. The smart solutions have also been coordinated, so that Allego’s chargers can produce various capacities appropriate to the type of car. Both Allego’s and BMW’s products are reliable and proven. By making smart choices, a company can have a good picture of the Total Cost of Ownership.

Integrated solutions are the future

“At Allego, we are seeing increasingly that entrepreneurs want a total solution, to that they can introduce an electric fleet quickly and easily,” notes Anja van Niersen, CEO of Allego. “Given that we have worked with BMW in Germany for some time, this was a further and logical step in our collaboration. We are convinced we will be able to offer even more innovative solutions alongside BMW in the future.”

“We want to make electric driving much easier and more accessible to both larger and smaller organisations,” adds Anne Brons, Sales Director BMW Group Netherlands. “We are now taking a major step together with Allego to offer a total solution. We are also convinced that we will simplify the work of fleet and facility managers significantly with this collaboration. This will reduce the electrification threshold for companies.”


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