The Allego and EV charging highlights

Ecotap and Allego will install and operate 4500 public charging sockets in the Netherlands

12 Jul 2018

The Dutch provinces Gelderland and Overijssel gave Ecotap and Allego the concession for installing and operating 4500 public charging sockets in 43 participating cities.

With this initiative there will be four times more charging sockets available for EV drivers. The first charging sockets will be installed after the summer.

Innovation and sustainable approach

Because it will also impact the load on the electricity grid, this increase in the number of charging sockets will be handled as smartly as possible. For example, maximum use will be made of sustainably generated energy from local energy co-operatives. And at times when demand is generally highest, the charging speed will be reduced. EV drivers will be able to disable that reduction, however, if they require faster charging during off-peak hours.

Kees van Bergen, CEO of Ecotap: “The objective of Ecotap is to create the best charging infrastructure in the world. Being part of a project of this scale is a great opportunity to show that we are capable of executing this objective. Even though Ecotap is the main contractor within this project, it is great to have Allego as a provider of charging solutions as they are the specialist within the field of public charging.”

Anja van Niersen, CEO of Allego: “We are proud to increase the availability of charging sockets in these two provinces in the Netherlands. By partnering with Ecotap in this large project, we will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, not only in the Netherlands but on a European scale.”

EV drivers can easily request a charging socket via Allego’s Dutch public charging platform, Similar platforms are also in use for Belgium ( and Germany (