The Allego and EV charging highlights

Euromaster and Allego start offering fast charging at service stations in Germany

08 May 2018

The garage expert EUROMASTER has expanded its range of services: in collaboration with the provider of charging solutions Allego, EUROMASTER is now installing fast charging stations at initially ten locations across Germany as part of the European promotion project FAST-E.

The first charging stations are already in place in Rostock and Saarbrücken; Berlin, Munich, Duisburg and Düsseldorf will follow in the days to come. Further locations will be up and running later in the year. 

‘Equipping our service centres with Allego's new fast charging stations is a step further in our all-around-shopping strategy. When they visit us, drivers should be able to find everything they need for their vehicle. Of course, this also includes services for electric vehicles,’ explains Andreas Berents, Managing Director of EUROMASTER Germany and Austria. 

An electric vehicle can now be charged at EUROMASTER within 30 minutes. The CO2-free green electricity comes exclusively from German hydro and wind power plants. The fast charging stations allow for three different types of connector and for two vehicles to be charged at the same time. Allego operates one of the largest networks of charging stations in Germany and Europe, which support all major charging cards and apps, and allow for contract-free payment by credit card. The charging stations ensure a 24-hour service and are technically monitored and maintained by Allego. 

‘I am very pleased that together with EUROMASTER we can make an active contribution to the expansion of electromobility in Germany. We want drivers in this country to find the densest network of charging stations possible. At the same time, we support EUROMASTER in positioning itself early in the field of electromobility,’ emphasises Martin Heine, Sales Manager at Allego.