The Allego and EV charging highlights

14 New ultrafast charging locations along major highways in Belgium

20 Jan 2022

The AWV in Belgium has granted us 14 new ultrafast charging locations along major highways in Flanders. With these locations, a total of 16 new Allego charging locations along highways will be built in the country during the coming years.

56 ultra-fast charging points at main highways

The new ultrafast charging locations are located just offramp of main highways, at “park and ride” or carpool parking sites, and are well dispersed along the main transport corridors throughout Flanders. We will construct 14 charging hubs that will provide a full range of medium charging speed to ultrafast charging to meet the demands of Flanders’ EV drivers. We expect to initially install 56 ultrafast charging points (28 ultrafast charging stations) by the end of 2022. AC charging points will be available for carpooling.

Expansion of charging points by mid 2024 ultimately

In the second phase of the project we will raise the total number of ultrafast charging points to 112 by the middle of 2024.

Part of the project is an improved customer experience in these green field sites by adding a canopy concept to the locations and ensuring that the ultrafast charging stations have excellent customer interfaces in multiple languages.

Our Managing Director of Allego Belgium, Harold Langenberg: “We are very pleased to have been awarded these 14 new prime locations, supporting the expansion of our ultrafast charging network across Belgium. Expanding our network is critical in our mission to accelerate zero emission mobility. We are additionally pleased to increase our presence in Belgium, an important nation for cross-border mobility that connects the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Germany. As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow rapidly, vehicle owners require proportional scaling of charging equipment. Allego is here to provide that charging infrastructure, not only in Flanders, but also across all of Europe.”

The project is co-financed by the European Union and the Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer van de Vlaamse overheid) (“AWV”).

Overview of current planned Allego ultrafast charging locations in Belgium:

The new locations (realisation will start 2nd half of 2022):
- P&R Loenhout
- P&R Veurne
- Carpoolparking Rumst
- Carpoolparking Lille
- Carpoolparking Oelegem-West
- Carpoolparking Terlaemen
- Carpoolparking Tongeren
- Carpoolparking Merelbeke
- Carpoolparking Overijse
- Carpoolparking Sterrebeek
- Carpoolparking Halle-Ratteput
- Carpoolparking Bertem
- Carpoolparking Hoegaarden
- Carpoolparking Beernem

Ultrafast charging locations currently in realisation:
- Carpoolparking Hasselt-Zuid
- Carpoolparking Middelkerke

Our operational ultrafast charging locations in Belgium:
- The Leaf shopping Ternat
- Van der Valk Antwerpen
- Gentbrugge