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Introducing new charging tariffs in some countries and for some charger types from our European charging network

13 Jun 2022

The rise in electricity prices throughout Europe keeps affecting us as well. To deal with this, we will introduce new tariffs in some countries of our European charging network and for some specific charger types.

An overview of the changes can be found below. The tariffs remain unchanged in countries and for charger types not listed below.

These tariffs are our default tariffs including VAT* and transaction costs, when paying us via credit or debit card (Smoov or contactless payment).

Please note: In case you pay via a charge card or app of an eMSP, the actual tariff, additional charges and conditions depend on the contract with your service provider.


The tariff changes for all charger types:

  • Regular charging (AC 22kW): 0,40 EUR/ kWh
  • Fast charging (DC 50kW): 0,55 EUR/ kWh
  • Fast charging at highway locations: 0,59 EUR/ kWh
  • Ultra-fast charging: (DC >50kW): 0,65 EUR/ kWh
  • Ultra-fast charging at highway locations: 0,69 EUR/ kWh


The tariff changes for all charger types:

  • Regular 2,90 DKK/ kWh
  • Fast 3,75 DKK/ kWh
  • Ultra-fast 5,20 DKK/ kWh


The tariff changes for all charger types:

  • Regular 3,35 SEK/ kWh
  • Fast 4,80 SEK/ kWh
  • Ultra-fast 6,20 SEK/ kWh

The Netherlands

The tariff changes for AC charging only.

  • AC charging default tariff: 0,415 EUR/ kWh
  • Groningen-Drenthe concession: 0,528 EUR/ kWh. Pricing in this concession is not set by us, read more about it here (in Dutch)

Starting Date

New tariffs apply from the 1st of July 2022 except for the charging stations in France. New tariffs in France are applicable as of 12th of June 2022.

You can always find the standard tariff per charge point at or in our Smoov app.

* This rate may be reduced if the VAT reduction for electricity is implemented as of 1 July 2022. If this is the case, we will communicate about this separately.