The Allego and EV charging highlights

107 ultra-fast EV charging stations inaugurated in less than 12 months!

11 Apr 2023

A unique cooperation in France between Allego and Enedis, enabling the deployment of 107 public EV charging hubs in France in less than 12 months. The two parties thus demonstrated they master the two main obstacles to the expansion of a charging network and develop sustainable mobility in the territory.


A mere 12 months since the inauguration of the first charging hub at Orange, in the region of Vaucluse, in April 2022, to the opening of the latest hub in Rambouillet, in the region of Yvelines, which marks the 107th public ultra-fast EV charging hub in France. This extremely short deadline was met due to the cooperation between Allego and Enedis who have mastered the two key skills to grow a vast network of charging stations:

  • Major projects and their supply chain
  • Speed of connecting to the medium-voltage distribution network (HTA) of electricity

A total of 904 charging stations for electric vehicles are now available for destination charging at strategic locations in France such as car parks of hypermarkets, rest stops along the motorway, or restaurants near thoroughfares. This public ultra-fast network is the first in France to be deployed on a large scale at these types of destinations. It is open to all types of vehicles with a charging capacity ranging from 22kW to 300kW, and has already avoided an equivalent of 2,000 tons of CO² emissions since its opening.

This deployment is part of the French government's overall objective to support electromobility in France, and specifically contributes to the "100,000 charging stations objective" set by the Minister for Energy Transition and Territorial Cohesion. It also adheres to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These stations have been designed as true "urban-mobility hubs" with 1,717 charge points dedicated to e-mobility. Bicycles, scooters or electric scooters can be recharged on dedicated points while shopping for groceries.

"Allego is demonstrating its ability to deploy and maintain charging infrastructure on a very large scale. We want to position ourselves as a partner of choice to support landowners in the valuation of their assets and in their adaptation to the new modes of transport of their customers,” Mathieu Bonnet, Chief Executive Officer at Allego.

To date, Allego operates 120 public ultra-fast EV charging hubs in France. By 2024, more than 300 of their hub will be deployed throughout the country.