The Allego and EV charging highlights

IKEA Belgium Forges Alliance with Allego to Accelerate Electrification of last mile deliveries and customer mobility in Belgium

09 May 2023

Public and commercial charging infrastructure in Belgium receives a strong boost as IKEA and Allego announce the development of extensive fast charging facilities at all 8 IKEA locations in Belgium.

The two companies are excited to join forces in this new partnership that will further accelerate the energy transition throughout the mobility value chain of IKEA.

As IKEA Belgium readies itself for the future, the project comprises three elements pivotal to IKEA vision for climate-neutral mobility throughout its value chain by 2030. Allego, Europe’s largest independent EV charge-point operator, will implement an infrastructural solution enabling both customers and co-workers, as well as commercial vehicles and trucks to charge at different hubs located at strategic points on all IKEA Belgium parking lots.

IKEA Belgium recently signed an agreement with Allego to build EV-charging infrastructure at all stores in Belgium. Allego will furnish these locations with a pre-agreed mix of AC, DC and HPC charging facilities, catering to the EV-charging needs of all visitors to their sites, whether these are customers, co-workers or last-mile delivery suppliers.


The signed agreement commits both parties to install charge points for all types and models of Electric Vehicles, both private and commercial. All planned charging hubs will accommodate both AC and DC destination charging. Depending on the size of the location, the charging hubs will be equipped with a combination of 20–30 public AC charge points and another 4–6 public HPC charge points, available to any visitor to the site. Additionally, Allego will build separate hubs for co-workers and last-mile delivery vehicles.

Safety, efficiency and trustworthiness are some of the key features Allego is proud of, always considering the EV driver central to the type of solution on offer. Allego’s proven experience in delivering EV charging infrastructure means all EV drivers will have access to the latest in ultra-fast charging technology, with no subscription fees, just a simple tap of a credit/debit card for convenience. The charging stations are available and easily accessible to all visitors to the area for opportunity charging, or EV drivers traveling through and who find the charging stations in Allego’s Smoov app.

Allego’s Managing Director for the Benelux Region, Sander Sommer explains: "As an international charging infrastructure operator, we offer a wide range of charging facilities, always focused on the needs of the EV-driving customer, in any situation." He continued: "We are thrilled to be working with IKEA, a company that has shown a tremendous ability to adapt to customer demand for sustainability, and that is readying itself for the future, which fits in with our ambition as a company to expand a reliable and scalable network of charging solutions throughout the Benelux region."

André Schmidtgall, Country Retail Manager & Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA Belgium declares: "We are delighted with the announcement of this partnership with Allego, which pushes IKEA Belgium even further towards the mobility of tomorrow. This new charging infrastructure in our parking lots democratizes the offer of electric chargers for our customers, but is also a key element in the greening of our last mile delivery."