Who we are

About Allego and innovative charging solutions

It is Allego's mission that everybody should be able to charge their electric car, wherever and whenever they want. Simply and affordably. We are therefore developing charging solutions and tailor-made charging infrastructure for municipalities, businesses and public transport companies.

Reliable, affordable, accessible

Electric mobility is on the rise. Electric vehicle (EV) drivers want to be able to recharge their cars anywhere, at any time. Allego provides this flexibility by developing and implementing charging infrastructure that is reliable, affordable and accessible to all. Allego also develops services that match the charging needs of the future such as:

  • The website openbaarladen.nl about charging points in public spaces
  • The innovative Charging Plaza allowing several vehicles to be supplied with electricity in a small space
  • Urban Mobility

In collaboration with the automotive industry, government agencies, service providers and electricity network providers, Allego is developing user-oriented services that make the e-driving experience more pleasant and more personal.

A flying start

Right from the time it was set up in September 2013, Allego has made a flying start. Transparency, a cooperative attitude, continually forward-looking with a focus on discovering opportunities. These are the values that we at Allego aspire to, now and in the future. A future where electrically-powered transport is the norm. Our work is independent and innovative. Together we can speed up the use of electric transport.