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EV-charging for residents and visitors

Electric transport is undergoing rapid growth. You will have noticed the increasing number of e-drivers in your own municipality. You have probably already received requests for charging points on public roads.

Allego will help you install EV-charging points, simply and fast. Your municipality maintains complete control, even if you make no financial contribution. We can install, finance and maintain charging points for the use of the municipality, local residents and visitors. All within the current policy framework of your municipality.

In addition to this, we are working with our partners to facilitate problem-free charging for other electric transportation in urban areas. In this context, think of sustainable bus, boat or taxi transport. Carefree charging with Allego. Anytime, anywhere.


Charging at work

  • Employees and residents opt for electric vehicles
  • Your municipality will get a sustainable look
  • Carefree: Allego sets, maintains and delivers service
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Charging for travellers in your municipality

  • Charge with a quick charger up till 80% in 30 minutes
  • You will increase attractiveness for visitors in your municipality
  • A charging solution tailor-made to your wishes and needs
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Charging in public space

  • Easy application process for a public charging station
  • A loading point in the near residential or work address
  • Carefree charging and good service
  • The municipality will remain in control
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