Charging in public space in the municipality

Electric transport is rapidly emerging. You will notice an increase in the number of e- riders in your area. Residents, businesses and visitors want to drive in a more conscious and environmentally- friendly way. Therefore they opt for electric vehicles and new mobility concepts.

Electric charge in the public space

Residents, businesses and visitors have an increasing need for charging stations in public spaces . . Allego offers municipalities a solid solution. We install , finance and maintain charging stations that we make available to the municipality, its residents and visitors. We do this within the agreed policy of your town. The municipality has the control over the public space, we provide the charging station .

Through (Dutch), residents of a town can apply easily for a charging station nearby their electric car. Residents may submit an application and indicate where they would like to have a charging station. The control remains with the municipality. Allego ensures that all parties have a worry-free experience when it comes to the application process for a charging station and the final realization and management.

How will this exactly work? Watch the video to find out.