Charging public transport in the municipality

Public transport in an urban setting will be completely electric within the foreseeable future. Electric mobility is rapidly expanding, and with it the need is also growing for charging facilities for electric vehicles. In addition your municipality will be helping to improve air quality and becoming more environmentally aware. Allego makes it possible to charge electric vehicles with ease. This is why we help our customers and partners to take this step in the quickest and smartest way possible. We do this by supplying a charging solution that is most appropriate to the specific situation of public transport companies in your municipality.

Consider in this context sustainable bus, boat or taxi transport. Under the flag of Urban Mobility we are focusing on electrifying these traffic flows. Our starting point for this is freedom of choice for end users. After all, they decide ultimately if they will go by car, use public transport, take an electric taxi, buy an electric scooter or a combination of these possibilities.

The advantage of using Allego is that we concentrate on the synergy of the charging infrastructure and the interaction of the various means of transport. We look for smart charging solutions to make integrated electric urban transport possible, taking all the work out of your hands. We install, manage and maintain the charging point, and ensure a 24/7 repair service in those unfortunate situations where it is necessary.

The advantages to you are:

  • You will be at the forefront of innovation for electric public transport
  • In addition to this you will be contributing to the reduction of unpleasant emissions such as noise pollution and CO2 emissions, improving urban air quality
  • You can share your risks for this transition with an experienced partner
  • You will remain flexible and future proof because you will use an integrated and modular approach to your challenges
  • You will create a constant user for local sustainably-produced energy and thus also contribute to your energy transition and energy independence

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