Stay, play and recharge in design city Eindhoven

17 Jul 2019

Eindhoven usually isn't the first city that tourists think of, but it is one of the most innovative cities in the Netherlands. Home to Dutch Design Week, a successful start-up scene and a world class technical university, Eindhoven is a buzzing city where engineers and creatives work together on trailblazing inventions. So of course, electric driving is a priority for the city. They strive to ensure that there is always a charging station within a radius of 300 meters. Skip the more obvious destinations of the Netherlands; park and charge your EV and enjoy Eindhoven.

Eindhoven is booming. You will find the coolest concept stores, trendy coffee shops and there is a lot of focus on sustainable fashion. Sustainability plays a major role in Eindhoven. We take you through 5 hotspots that are not only unique, but also take sustainability seriously.


Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek, a Dutch designer selling all around the world, is based on the former Philips workplace Strijp R. In addition to the workshop, gallery and shop of Piet Hein Eek, you will also find his restaurant there. If you’re lucky you’ll bump into Piet himself.

Nearest charge point: Plaggenstraat 2, Eindhoven, 45 m


Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven

At Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven you can charge your electric car while you sleep, have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Allego has installed High Power Chargers here as part of the European MEGA-E high power charging network. And with the hotel’s flexible meeting concept Seats and Offices, it is also an excellent location for a meeting or to quietly catch up on your e-mails while your EV is charging.

Nearest charge point: Aalsterweg 322, Eindhoven , 0 m


Hutspot Eindhoven

Hutspot is the best place in town for conscious shopping: hip and guilt-free. The store sells their own brand of womenswear, menswear, accessories and home decor next to other brands. And they aim to promote the work and products of young and local designers and artists.

Nearest charge point: Bergstraat 1A, Eindhoven, 400 m


The Happiness Kitchen

The Happiness Kitchen is more than just a breakfast bar or lunchroom. They serve natural products only, with locally grown and organic ingredients wherever they can. All as part of their mission to support their customers into eating healthier, feeling better and being happier.

Nearest charge point: Stationsplein, Eindhoven , 450 m


Urban Shopper

One of the nicest places on the trendy Strijp-S area is the Urban Shopper. It’s a small-scale indoor shopping mall located in one of the old factory halls. Where light bulbs were once made by Philips, you can now browse around 20 creative entrepreneurs offering design, art, music, fashion, vintage and crafts.

Nearest charge point: Plaggenstraat 1, Eindhoven, 900 m


At Allego we believe going away with your EV should be as easy and seamless as possible so you can enjoy the more important things in life. The only things you should be thinking of while you stay, play and recharge, is whether you will have a fresh orange juice, a cappuccino or maybe even both.

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