Summer in Denmark

08 Aug 2019

Summertime and the living is easy. Especially when visiting the Nordic countries and driving an EV. This En Route we want to focus on the smallest country in Scandinavia; Denmark. It’s not just a gateway to Scandinavia, it’s a great holiday destination, especially for EV-drivers. Find out why in this En Route.

Denmark is well prepared for electric vehicles. Though it is a relatively small country, it has a lot of EV-charging points (+/- 3000 points and counting). With the country’s ambition to only sell electric cars by 2030 and not have any fuel driven-cars by 2050, they are preparing the infrastructure to suit electric driving. 


Be prepared

But first things first. On any trip around Europe, it’s smart to look at local charging passes. Your national provider might not cover the whole of Europe and prices may differ per country. Charging in Denmark is f.e. more expensive than Norway. Some offer the opportunity to pay without a subscription. But be aware that this can be rather expensive.

There are some major providers in Denmark, the main ones being:

  • Clever
  • E-on (works with the EasyPark App)
  • Maingau/EinfachStromladen
  • Tesla


Top 5 things to do in Denmark with EV

1. Travel back in time in Aarhus


Aarhus is one of the oldest cities of Denmark, founded in the early Viking Age and definitely worth the visit. It’s home to Den Gamble By, the Old Town Museum. You travel back in time and can see different eras as you wander through the streets. Admission is free for kids under eighteen. But the rest of the town is also worth a visit and charging points are everywhere in this small city. There’s even one right next to Den Gamble By, but it might be quite busy there in Summer.

2. Coolest fast-charging station: Fredericia



Denmark has one architect-designed fast-charging station that is considered one of the coolest in the northern hemisphere on the freeway to Fredericia, Denmark. COBE architect, E.on drive & clever worked together to create a charging oasis in Fredericia, Denmark. It’s situated in a lush environment to stimulate biodiversity. And, when needed: all the building materials of the station can be completely broken down and re-used. The ultra-fast stations offer both CCS — compatible with both AC and DC changing — as well as the DC-only CHAdeMO. So, the station is compatible with the majority of electric vehicles. Warning: this charging station is pretty new. So, not all charging points maps know the location. Please note the address here: 3 Strevelinsvej 7000 Fredericia Denmark

3. Legoland


Denmark is the home of LEGO, the original theme park. Which is, especially with kids, worth the visit. There’s a charging point at Legoland car park. Good to know, it only accepts Danish cards.

You can charge your electric car while enjoying your visit to LEGOLAND®. There are three charging stations with a total of six outlets at P1, directly opposite the entrance to LEGOLAND.

4. Copenhagen



When visiting Copenhagen you should at least visit the statue of the Little Mermaid. Luckily it is close to a charging station at the Esplanaden. There are four different chargers, with multiple sockets on this location. That’s not an exception though. Copenhagen is rich with charging points. It outdoes itself in being a welcoming city to EV-drivers. So, it doesn’t matter where you charge. For those who like to stretch their legs, there’s a nice charging point close to the famous Ørstedsparken with four Type 2 chargers.

5. To bridge or not to bridge


Even with no plans to visit Sweden, it would be a shame not to take the Øresund Bridge. This beautiful construction which is 8 kilometres long, will take you to Sweden.


Fun fact: The almost 8 km long bridge took about 5 years to be built and is almost 20 years old. So, it can use a bit of new paint. This year the start will be made with the repainting. It’s estimated to take about 13 years. So, repainting works will take longer than building the actual bridge. 

Still, want to leave Denmark and travel further? There are a few options for you to explore Norway or Sweden. We’ve listed three of them here.

A.  Hirtshals - Norway

The ferry to Norway leaves from the small city Hirtshals, Denmark. Unfortunately, this is one of those few places in Denmark that isn’t enriched with as many charging points as the rest of the country. Also, the ones there have been reported as not so reliable. It would be smart to take a break in the beautiful city of Aalborg. With lots of museums and parks and the ability to get some -cheaper- groceries before going to the more expensive Norway. Read more about EV-driving in Norway here.

B. Travelling by ferry from Palm Beach in Denmark: Frederikshavn

On the way to Frederikshavn you can charge at the highway Himmerland Øst E45 [E.ON] If you like ferries, Frederikshavn is a great option. The small fishing town has a lot of fun activities and a Palm Beach, the Bangsbo Museum, Frederikshavn Art Museum, Frederikshavn Shipyard Historical Society and a biannual light festival. A good way to get around the town is by bicycle, which can be hired free of charge at the Tourist Information Centres during the summer. The ferry from Frederikshavn to Gothenburg takes three hours and fifteen minutes. 

C. The sustainable destination: Gothenborg, Sweden

Gothenborg was voted World’s Most Sustainable Destination in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Around 65 percent of public transport in Gothenburg runs on renewable energy.

Driving your EV across Scandinavia? Plan ahead! Check out your route at one of the following;