EV drivers are green heroes at home too

13 Jun 2019

It should come as no surprise, that e-drivers are more environmentally aware than the average person. But research shows, once a driver becomes an e- driver, green becomes greener. Owning an EV actually makes people behave more sustainable in their homes too. That is one of the conclusions from the research report Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams, a study done by CleanTechnica.

Driving more efficiently

71% of European e-drivers say that owning or leasing an EV makes them drive more efficiently. On top of the efficiency boost you get simply from driving electric. Not really a surprise. Driving an EV makes people more conscious of the energy it takes to drive it.

Driving on the sun

This consciousness extends to the home as well. 32% of European e-drivers generate energy with solar panels installed on their roof or property. Far higher than the average household, but also understandable if you take into account the upfront prices of both solar panels and EVs. Current e-drivers are more likely to be able to afford this.

Driving home energy conservation

What we didn’t really expect, is that the act of e-driving itself makes people more conscious of their home energy usage. 28% of European EV drivers conserve energy in their home more than before they had an EV. And that really excites us at Allego.

Green, greener, greenest

First of all, it would overcome the paradox of Jevon. This statement claims innovations on increased energy efficiency actually leads to higher energy use. But when e-driving leads to home energy savings as well, there’s an amplifying effect instead of a rebound effect.

More importantly, both EVs and solar panels are becoming more and more affordable and accessible. The positive side effects of EV driving will have a huge impact on sustainable developments, both indoors and outdoors. This will also help change EV driving turn from just being sustainable, to becoming a lifestyle and eventually the norm of a new generation!