‘Once you've tried an EV, you never want to go back’

12 Sep 2019

In Pole Position, we interview EV-drivers at the charging station. In this second edition, we speak to Roy Pype; a newbie to the EV game who doesn’t ever want to turn back to ‘normal’ driving.

Never back to fuel again!

‘I’ve been driving electric for the past four months now and I love it. I don’t understand why I haven’t done this before. I’m on the road a lot for work. I drive between Groningen, Wageningen, Gent and Leuven. I drive 50.000 km a year and so far, I haven’t had any problems yet. So, it’s no excuse to say you drive too many kilometres to be driving electric. 

I chose a Tesla Model 3, mainly for its long range. It never failed me so far. I’m really happy with my choice and would not go back. To anyone still on the fence of buying an electric car I would say: Borrow mine for a week and see how you feel then. I promise you, once you’ve tried, you never want to go back!


‘Wait daddy, the car is not working!’

Something I didn’t consider before buying my car is how much quieter the road is. I can easily call clients and I don’t have to worry about sound as much as before. When I picked up the Tesla with my kids they said to me: ‘Wait Daddy, the car is not working! We don’t hear any noise.’ It’s so funny how they already at their age made the association that cars are supposed to have sound.

An electric car is a lot of fun with kids. They especially like to charge the car. And this car has a glass roof so you can look through it and they can spot aeroplanes.


“In the future I can see us using the car more as a micro energy plant”


My own charge point makes all the difference

I do have some advice for newbie buyers. Get your own charging station and pre-order it or make a request for a public charge point close by via Allego. A good home charging station does make all the difference in driving EV for me. But due to intense growth of EV’s the last year, it took some time before I had my charge point installed at my house. I am a bit worried about the future infrastructure of charging points. I wonder if we can all go to driving electric immediately. I think there are some challenges in that area still.

The next step in EV-driving might be to use the car not only as a car, but more as an extended battery. Lots of cars just stand a lot and do nothing. I think in the future, it should be possible to use your car as a battery to -for example- provide the washing machine with electricity. So, it becomes a micro energy plant.