3 Things to consider when charging your EV during the Coronavirus outbreak

19 Mar 2020

The global Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t directly affect your EV charging experience. Chargers are operating as usual, however there are a few things to consider when using them. Making it a smooth experience for yourself and fellow EV drivers.

Move your EV when charged

The number one EV charging etiquette is more relevant than ever. As there are more EVs parked in your neighborhood from people working at home. Move your EV when done charging and don’t use the spot as parking spot. You don’t want to block your neighbourhood’s charger all day or weekend. Moving your car to a designated parking spot ensures that the charger is available to fellow EV drivers when they need it.

Tip: Sign up to This easy and free to use service enables EV drivers to contact you if they need the charger when you’re (almost) done. Or leave your phone number in the window.

If you charge your EV in your neighbourhood, you might want to consider setting up a WhatsApp group to align usage of the charger with your neighbours. This way everyone has a chance to charge.

Public charging during Coronavirus outbreak

Keep the charge point clean

Another EV charging etiquette is to keep the charge point and its surroundings clean. If you’re using a fast charger with a cable connected to it, put it back in a decent way. Keep the display or touchscreen clean and don’t litter. This way charging is comfortable and safe for all EV drivers. If you spot any irregularities that you can't solve yourself, call our 24/7 hotline to report so we can take action.

Take care of personal hygiëne

Even though the virus is most spread from droplets produced when an infected person coughs, there are indications that it can also spread by touching contaminated surfaces. One reason it is recommended to wash your hands more often and not touch your face. When using a public charge point, it is recommended to clean your hands with disinfectant gel when you’re done (or wash your hands with soap as soon as you can).

Tip: Going the extra mile by disinfecting the touchscreen and/or plug after you used it, is a great way to help prevent spreading the virus.

Public charging during Coronavirus outbreak

Learn more about the Coronavirus in general and what to do at the World Health Organization website

Looking for a chargepoint near you?

Visit or install the Smoov App to find the closed available charge point.

Your experience

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