5 Tips to travel carefree with your EV 

07 Jul 2022

Summer vacation is just around the corner and you might be planning to hit the road in your EV for an exciting summer! Even though the charging network in Europe is growing at a rapid pace, it is useful to travel well prepared. In this blog you will find 5 tips to travel carefree with your EV.

Plan your trip

By planning your trip in advance, there will be no surprises on the way and your journey will be smoother. Planning a trip with your EV can be a lot of fun! Find those hidden gems on your route and plan a stop at a charger nearby. Or find those fast charging hubs with the perfect facilities for you and your family to enjoy! By doing so your journey will become more fun and charging time will be perfectly spent.

Tip: here you can find an overview of the Allego fast charging hubs across Europe. Use it to properly prepare your trip. You can filter on the country and use the search bar to, for example, find hubs along a certain highway by searching on the highway number. Wondering if there is an AC charger available close to that landmark you plan to visit along the way? Use our map. You can filter on Allego chargers only or find all chargers in the area.

Check you charge cards

Before you leave, check whether you have a charge card that is valid in the country you are travelling to.

Make sure you bring a card that allows you to charge on your route and destination. We recommend bringing two charge cards with you. One card with broad coverage on your route and one card with broad coverage in the country of destination. is a great source which even allows you to filter on >80% coverage within a specific country.

When you use Allego charging stations you don’t have to worry about this. We accept charge cards from over 200 eMSPs throughout Europe. And you can always pay via our Smoov app (accepting credit and debit cards) or make a contactless payment at our fast chargers.

You can find more information about charge cards and where to find the best cards for your trip on our frequently asked questions page.

Tip: learn more about the cost of charging in our blog about charging costs. Are you interested to learn more about interoperability and roaming across Europe? Find all you need to know here.

Adjust your driving speed

Your driving speed has a major impact on the time it takes to reach your destination. You would think that the faster you drive, the faster you will arrive at your destination. But this is not entirely true with an EV. At high speeds, your EV's battery discharges faster and requires more frequent charging.

Tip: if you drive on the highway at an average speed of 110 km per hour, you do not have to charge as often and you will reach your destination faster and - most importantly - more relaxed.

The right charger

Choose the right charger for the time you have planned to stop. If you are visiting a place of interest and have more time to charge, opt for a regular charger. If you want to stretch your legs, grab a cup of coffee and continue your journey, choose an ultra-fast charger. The Allego fast charging hubs often offer various types of chargers so you can always find the perfect charger for your needs.

To help you identify the right charger, the EU introduced a set of labels for electric vehicles and charging stations. You can read more about it in a previous blog article.

Pro tip: it's not just the charger that determines how fast you can charge. There are more variables that influence the fast charging speed. Read more about which variables influence your charging speed before you leave! You can find all you need to know in this blog article.

Learn from experienced EV-drivers

We have asked 5 questions to experienced EV-drivers to help you get the most out of your EV holiday. Learn about Maarten Hachmang’s experience travelling with a small Renault Zoe. About the most memorable EV trip from Max Wojtynja aka Elektromobilist. And about the golden tip about travelling with an EV from UK EV expert The Plugseeker.

Enjoy your vacation

We hope these tips will help you enjoy your summer vacation with your EV! Did you know all Allego charging stations provide 100% renewable energy? By charging at our stations, you reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a relaxing summer vacation!

If you have any questions about charging at Allego, you can contact us via social media or call our hotline if it is urgent.