Allego fleet management services

The all-in-one package for your EV-fleet

Solutions for home, office and depot charging to support the transition to a zero-emission fleet. Whether it is the realization and operation of a charge point at home or at your office, providing a card for access to public chargers, or offering 24/7 customer service. We make it happen.

At Home

Let your employees or customers easily order and configure their home charge point and its installation within our self-service EV driver portal. 

At the office

Our experts take care of selecting, installing, and maintaining the right charging solution for your fleet at the office or at a depot.

Insights and control are assured via our customer portal. Our smart charging services make sure that the charging solution is cost efficient and delivers flexibility. 

On the road

Easy management of charging costs and automatic employee reimbursement via our EV-cloud. One charge card to access public charge points throughout Europe. 

Our Smoov app is everything your employees or customers need for carefree EV driving.

Our EV-Cloud; the one-stop-shop for all fleet data

A simple overview in a personalized environment from which everything can be managed. But also, a place for your employees to keep track of their own charging data. In short, a complete package that takes work off your hands.

The complete package for fleet owners

  • Fleet management Portal
  • E-driver self-service portal
  • Benefit from extensive Allego charging network
  • Office Charging
  • Home charging and charge card
  • Charging data insights via our EV-Cloud
Full control and reduce administrative workload

Fleet management portal including fleet insights, charging card management and allocation of new accounts.

After the creation of a new account for your employee or customer, an automated process will start to request the installation of a home charger or delivery of a charge card.

You no longer have to worry about the reimbursement of charging costs or other invoicing questions related to charging. It's all included in our EV payment services.

Set your own tariff for guest charging or automatic employee reimbursement. Manage access to your charge points.

As an independent charging solution provider, you can choose from different types of top-10 charging hardware products that best suit your situation. Whether it concerns regular charging (AC) or fast charging (DC). Always assured of the latest firmware of our suppliers via over-the-air updates.


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