Europe’s largest e-bus project in Eindhoven

05 Dec 2016

Europe’s largest e-bus project features more than 30 chargers with an installed power of four MW.

20 locations in Belgium and the Netherlands

> 200 charging points

Ultrafast, fast and regular charging

As a partner of Europe’s largest European e-bus project, Allego is responsible for monitoring and overseeing Eindhoven’s charging infrastructure. Chargers are controlled 24/7 and immediate troubleshooting coordinated through Allego’s teams. Buses are able to reliably charge during more than 18 hours of daily operations, as well as throughout the night. 

Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Project start date: December 2016
Vehicles: 43 articulated buses (18m) 



Type of chargers 

  • 11 x 300 kW opportunity chargers (pantograph)
  • 22 x 30 kW depot chargers 

Performed services 

  • Chargepoint management and operation
  • Real time analytics and usage reporting
  • Automated fault notification
  • 24/7 helpdesk service
  • Service, maintenance and repair throughout the contract period 
  • Optional full service model, including provision of time and material, spare parts and total replacement of chargers when required
  • Regular upgrades of software
  • Guaranteed uptime to meet required  agreed service levels