18 Jul 2018

An Allego initiative in Eindhoven saw Benelux liquid cooled High Power Chargers installed at the Van der Valk Hotel, as part of Europe’s MEGA-E (Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified) Project.

The chargers will enable the new generation of electric cars to drive one hundred kilometres on just a five-minute charge.

Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Project launch date: July 2018

Type of chargers
  • Four High Power Charging Sockets (up to 350 kW) charging stations
  • One Allego Triple Fast Chargers (50 kW)
  • 16 ChargingPlaza sockets (22kW)
  • Four regular charging stations (11 kW)
Performed services
  • Location scan and planning
  • Charge point selection
  • Smart charging
  • Charger and location realisation
  • Service and maintenance
  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Insights and reporting via EV Cloud

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