Goudreinet Vuren opens fast charging service with Allego

17 Oct 2018

The Goudreinet restaurant in Vuren offers guests fast charging for their electric vehicles, as part of Allego’s Fast Charger Corridor.

20 locations in Belgium and the Netherlands

> 200 charging points

Ultrafast, fast and regular charging

Goudreinet Vuren is located alongside the A15 motorway and fills part of the gap on that motorway, which connects the west and east of the Netherlands. In consultation with Goudreinet, Sietze surveyed the requirements and wishes and also the client profile. It was decided to install a fast charger in combination with a regular charger for longer-stay guests.
Allego is developing the European network so that everyone will be able to charge their electric car “any time, any place” in a way that’s reliable and affordable.

Types of chargers

  • Fast chargers
  • AC charge points