Postillion charger for Allego’s Fast Charger Corridor

17 Oct 2018

An increasing number of Postillion’s guests have begun to ask if they can charge their electric car at its hotel and meeting venues. So the company asked Allego to develop with a charging solution for all its locations.

20 locations in Belgium and the Netherlands

> 200 charging points

Ultrafast, fast and regular charging

After observing how customer’s use the various sites, Allego equipped Postillion’s meeting venues with two fast charger stations, so that guests can continue on their way after a visiting. At sites where overnight stays are the focus, standard chargers were installed so that guest’s vehicles can charge at low speeds during the night.

Types of chargers

  • Fast chargers
  • AC chargers

Performed services

  • Charger and location realisation
  • Service and maintenance
  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Insights and reporting via EV-Cloud