You have one or more large parkings to manage and you noticed that the number of electric cars is increasing rapidly. You would like to facilitate electric driver, but this raises questions. How can I do this so
efficiently and cheaply as possible? How many charging points should I install? And how many charging points do I need in the future as the number of e-drivers continues to grow? For these questions, has Allego developed the ChargingPlaza concept.

Municipalities and companies, like your own, are currently having to deal with the rapidly increasing number of electric cars on our roads. You want to facilitate electric driving, but how many EV-charging points do you need to install? Ideally already prepared for possible expansion in the future, but without enormous investment up-front. To answer these questions, Allego has developed the ChargingPlaza.

Every driver has their own charging profile. While one may have the whole day to charge their car, another may only have 3½ hours. One drives a Renault ZOE, and another, a BMW i3. One wants to drive 25 km and the other, 100 km.

By creating a smart balance between the real-time travel needs of the driver, the characteristics of the car and available capacity, the ChargingPlaza ensures the needs of each individual e-driver are met, without having to continuously supply maximum power to every charging point. Whenever demand is greater than supply, charging the cars is carefully managed. The capacity need only be increased slightly or may not need increasing at all, which represents a significant saving.

In addition, all the necessary connections, switches, meters and network technology are installed at one central location. This means that the chargepoint itself is limited to simply the socket, and can be really compact. It is also possible to integrate the chargepoint in existing objects or in an object that fits in with the surroundings.