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Who is it for?  

Our regular chargers are intended for average- and longer-length charging sessions for EV drivers who remain at your location. Ideal for hotel and restaurant guests or meeting participants. But of course also for day-long visitors, mall shoppers, or company staff at work.

How regular charging works  

EV drivers can charge at two speeds: regular (3.7 kW) and semi-fast (22 kW). This means that vehicles can be fully charged in periods ranging from one to eight hours. Charging speed depends on factors such as the following:

  • the car;
  • simultaneousness;
  • vailable capacity.

The car. The Mitsubishi Outlander and the Volvo V60, for example, usually charge at 3.7 kW. With batteries ranging from 9 to 12 kWh, these vehicles are usually fully charged in 3 hours. The BMW i3 and the Renault Zoë charge at a semi-fast rate. With a battery of 22 kWh the Renault Zoë, for example, is fully charged in one hour.

Simultaneousness. Our AC chargers have two charging sockets, which means that two vehicles can be charged at the same time. If a single car is being charged (and is suitable), it will receive the full capacity of a maximum of 22 kW. In other words, if a single Renault Zoë is being charged, the vehicle will receive the full capacity of 22 kW and will thus be fully charged in one hour. If a second car then starts using the second charging socket on the same charger, the maximum capacity is divided between the two cars. The Renault Zoë then receives 11 KW and can be fully charged in two hours.

Available capacity. To be able to charge at a maximum of 22 kW per charger, you must have 3 × 32 amperes of electrical capacity available at each charger. If you have less electrical capacity available, charging capacity will decrease accordingly.

You can start with a single charging station. The number of charging stations can easily be increased and connected.

From charging station to charging plaza

You can start with a single charging station. The number of charging stations can easily be increased and connected so as to create a smart charging solution. In some cases, it may be better to start right away with a smart charging solution. We can help you make a choice.

Allego’s services

Allego ensures that you always have charging facilities available at your location. We guarantee maximum convenience for both the location owner and the EV driver. Our services include:

  • Installation, management, and maintenance;
  • Monitoring and 24/7 helpdesk;
  • Account settlement for charging sessions.

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Our offer


Spread payment

  • Allego is the owner
  • Charging service as a product
  • budgeting certainty
  • variable contract durations


Allego invests

  • Allego is the owner
  • Charging service as a product
  • Settlement of fee per charge
  • Variable contract durations


You invest

  • You are the owner
  • Once-only investment
  • Expert installation advice
  • Periodic service costs
  • Variable contract durations

Sleep, work, charge

Allego operates charging solutions at various hotels, restaurants, and business centres. Meeting venues are equipped with charging stations where two cars can be charged quickly so that guests can continue on their way after the meeting. If guests stay overnight, then standard chargers are sufficient because the car is charging at low speed during the night.

Do you run a potential charging location?

At real transit locations, such as Postillion hotels along the motorway, fast chargers can also be installed. These allow drivers to quickly charge their car fully and continue on their journey.