Notes and Documentation for Roaming Partners and Other Users of Meter Data

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Measured data generated from EV charging stations in Germany may be used for invoicing, when certain conditions are met. These conditions concern technology, contracts and processes. They are derived from the weights and measures act, a related decree and other legal sources, hereafter summarized as ‘Eichrecht’.

Allego currently retrofits or replaces all German regular chargers with technically compliant stations. For fast chargers, the technology is not yet available.

The contractual and procedural conditions of use as defined by the Eichrecht may vary per station type. The applicable conditions of use are included in the station type manual.

Allego is obliged to provide approved versions of the station type manuals in electronic form to the user of the measured values (German: ‘Messwerteverwender’). A typical user of measured data might is the EMSP/MSP.

Allego operated the following charging station types, compliant to the requirements of the Eichrecht (see link to approved user manuals):

Download user manual for Alfen charging stations
Types Eve Double Pro and Eve Double P.G.

Download user manual for Ebee charging stations
Type Ebee Ladepunkt Berlin

Download user manual for EBG charging stations
Type Highline Classic BM SAM-AC1
Type Highline IMS BM SAM-AC1
Type Highline BM SAM-AC1
Type Advanced IMS BM SAM-AC1
Type Advanced BM SAM-AC1
Type Advanced WM SAM-AC1

We explicitly refer E-Mobility Service Providers or other users of the measured data (German “Messwerteverwender”) to chapter ‘II. Conditions for the user of the measured values from the charging device’ (German: II „Auflagen für den Verwender der Messwerte aus der Ladeeinrichtung“).

For further information on the implementation of the Eichrecht, please contact your Key Account Manager at Allego.


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