PlugSurfing and Allego launch first Peer-to-Peer connection via OCPI

30 Mrz 2017

Allego and Mobility Service Provider Plugsurfing launch the first peer-to-peer connection via OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface). Customers of Plugsurfing get now more insight in the charging session on Allego’s chargers in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

Direct access and working towards cost saving charging

Using OCPI, Allego and PlugSurfing combine their strength to make charging more transparent and on the long term more affordable. The direct connection of PlugSurfing’s billing and payment services to Allego’s charging infrastructure will avoid roaming costs in the near future.

Anja van Niersen, CEO of Allego: ”The users of the Plugsurfing app now have more control over their charging session. New features are presented like Remote Start & Stop, actual charging session data, static charger information (location, connectors) and dynamic data like availability of the charger.” Allego is delighted with this first operational OCPI connection. Easy charging and a fully interoperable market are required to make the shift to clean electric mobility. Anja van Niersen: ”EV drivers of Plugsurfing now have direct access to our network and benefit from new features. Allego’s charging network is ready to connect via OCPI and hubs like Car manufactures will be satisfied with the progress Allego and PlugSurfing are making.”

Interoperable EV market and User Experience

The connection of Allego and PlugSurfing also has benefits beyond cost cutting with the OCPI protocol. Additionally, it brings the aim of smart charging one step closer. In the near future OCPI will allow grid operators to have better control of their capacity and EV drivers can determine their charging patterns and energy needs. The direct connection between the two companies brings together Allego’s position among the leaders in smart charging and PlugSurfing’s dedication to its unique and straight forward user experience.

‘The user is and always will be at the heart of PlugSurfing. Connection with the Allego platform through the OCPI will allow us to build high quality products faster. As such, we highly recommend every charging point operator to follow the steps of Allego and integrate with PlugSurfing’, as stated by PlugSurfing CEO Jacob van Zonneveld

Download the full press release here