We will install 15 fast charging hubs at Groupe Bertrand locations in France

25 Mai 2022

In cooperation with Volkswagen Group France we will install 15 fast charging hubs at various restaurants of Groupe Bertrand.

Created in 1997 by Olivier Bertrand, the Bertrand Group has become one of the leading players in the hotel and restaurant industry in France with more than 30,000 employees. The Group has various business lines, catering, restaurants and brasseries, with several brands like Hippopotamus, Léon, Volfoni and Au Bureau, High-end hotels, Retail and Real estate. 

15 fast charging hubs throughout France

We will enter a long-term partnership with Groupe Bertrand, to install Ultrafast charging stations at 15 locations throughout France. The first location will go live towards the end of this year. There will be at least 4 charging points per location to charge your EV. In accordance with French regulations every site will also be fitted with an AC charging point for those who want to take a bit more time to enjoy their meal.

“We are thrilled to partner with Groupe Bertrand as it builds on our companies’ mission to provide suitable EV charging solutions at the right time and place. Given Groupe Bertrand expansive network throughout France this agreement will be a great addition to the network we are currently rolling out and help create a solid network of HPC charging solutions across the country” comments Mathieu Bonnet, our CEO. “This partnership also is a testimony to the leadership of the Groupe Bertrand team that recognizes that the electrification of road transport is no longer an abstract concept, but a long-term solution to one the most pressing issues our planet faces: climate change.”

“We are proud to sign this major partnership. Faced with the evolution of our planet, hospitality and its ecosystem have a role to play. It is therefore our responsibility to reduce our negative impacts. Our places are places of exchange that can support French citizens in this transition.” Says Olivier Bertrand, chairman and founder of Groupe Bertrand.