Carefree electric driving with Allego

Feeling able to drive in your electric car with freedom and confidence, whether your destination is 50 km or 250 km away. Or wanting to use only the electric power in your hybrid, just because charging is no longer a challenge.

Allego and its partners are working together towards a world where everybody can charge their electric vehicles, quickly and reliably. Our EV-charging network is growing by the day and our reliable charging points ensure that you can you can set off on the road again with a full battery whenever you want. Whether you’ve stopped for a coffee at one of our high-speed charging points or you’ve spent several hours shopping. Or of course close to your home so that you can leave for work recharged after a good night’s rest. Our promise to you: Carefree charging with Allego. Anytime, anywhere.

Find a charging station in your area

More and more charging stations are coming to the Netherlands. Find out where they sit near you.

For example: Arnhem, Groningen, Leiden

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