[Update 29/01/2019: Chargers back online] Allego turns off its high-power chargers that are equipped with liquid cooled cables

28 Jan 2019

UPDATE: All chargers which were switched off last Saturday, are back online. The supplier of the cooled cable which is used in some high power chargers, confirmed that it meets all safety standards and is completely safe to use. 


Allego provides High Power Charging up to 350kW. Some of these chargers of Allego use the liquid cooled cable system from supplier HUBER+SUHNER. From this supplier we received a recommendation to turn off all chargers which used a specific liquid cooled cable. Like many other providers that use these cables we follow this instruction.

On the following locations we de-activated the liquid cooled cables until further notice:

Eindhoven, Aalsterweg 322, 5644 RL

Urmond, Mauritslaan 65, 6129 EL

Oberhonnefeld, Westerwaldstrasse 10, 56587

We would like to emphasise that we take this action out of pre-caution. Till now Allego did not encounter any serious issues in it’s charging network. On all other locations with high power chargers the chargers are completely safe to use. Additionally, our network of fast chargers (50kW) is not affected and is also fully operational.

We will monitor the developments and are in close contact with the manufacturers regarding this issue. We will post updates on our social media channels and our website.


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