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How much does it cost to charge your EV?

24 nov 2020

If you have just switched to an electric vehicle or motorcycle, it might take a while to work out exactly what rate you pay for a charging session at a charge point or (ultra) fast charger. This also depends on the payment method you choose. How does that work and where do you find the price of a charging session? In this article, we discuss price transparency and explain how it works!

Standard charging rate

The Charge Point Operator (CPO) charges a standard rate for using the charge point. If you pay the CPO directly, the price is based on this standard charging rate. In most cases, you pay a price per kWh. In other cases, an additional starting rate or a time rate applies. Whether and how you can pay for a charging session directly to the CPO depends on the CPO you use. We explain the possibilities Allego offers for this below.

Charging card

If you use a charging card or app of a Mobility Service Provider (MSP), the MSP determines the rate you pay for the charging session. This is usually a rate per kWh, but there are also MSPs that offer a fixed rate per session or per minute. The MSP sends you a monthly bill and settles your sessions with the CPO. Only the MSP can inform you of the rate you pay for a session using the charging card. This is similar to the fuel cards we use at petrol stations.


How much does an Allego charging session cost?

Allego takes price transparency seriously. Our aim is to make charging your EV as easy and transparent as possible. We do this before, during and after your session at an Allego charge point or (ultra) fast charger. We always tell you the standard rate we charge when you pay us directly.


You can pay us directly using the Smoov app and with most of our (ultra) fast chargers with a contactless payment method, such as a debit or credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Before charging

At you will find the standard rate per charge point that you pay us as CPO in the case of direct payment. You will also find this price in our Smoov app. When you scan the QR code on the charge point with the Smoov app, the details of the charge point and the applicable rate are shown automatically. This means you know what you will be charged in advance.

During charging

If you start your session in the Smoov app or use an MSP card linked to Smoov, you can monitor the progress of your session in Smoov. You therefore know the components that determine the final price of your session, such as charged kWh and time.


After charging

After finishing, an overview of the session is displayed on Smoov and you can download a receipt. This shows the exact cost of the session based on the standard charging rate. If you are paying directly to Allego, this is what you actually pay. If you have used a contactless payment method on one of our (ultra) fast chargers, you can download the receipt at If you charge using an MSP card, the cost will be shown in the monthly invoice you receive from your MSP based on the price agreements made.

General information about the price structure

There are several websites that provide more information about the charging rates of European providers. Read the article we wrote about this.

More information?

If you have any other questions about price transparency or charging your EV at an Allego charging point or an (ultra) fast charger, check out our frequently asked questions or ask us on social media. Our webcare team is standing by to help you every day from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm. We look forward to hearing from you!

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