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Dutch consortium opens first charging station for electric vehicles in Berlin

22 Apr 2015

A Dutch consortium today opened its first public charging station in Berlin, enabling e-drivers to use the new charging point at Köllnischer Park.

Commissioned by the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment, the new charging station is specifically modelled for Berlin and was implemented by The Dutch consortium which that consist of Allego, New Motion and Alliander AG. The consortium will use the knowledge and expertise gained in the field of electric vehicles in the Netherlands to install a further 219 new charging stations in the German capital by September 2016 and manage the charging infrastructure until the end of June, 2020.

“As mobility in large cities such as Berlin becomes increasingly electric and smart, The Dutch Consortium is committed to ensuring that every e-driver is able to charge his or her electric car. Quickly and easily, wherever and whenever they want,” said Marcus Groll, on behalf of the consortium. “We want to make electric driving in cities, like in Berlin, reliable, affordable and accessible.”

The locations of all upcoming public charging stations are determined by the Senate of Berlin. While the charging stations are fully operated by Allego, New Motion Germany GmbH will provide the charging cards and manage the payment process. The stations will only use electricity from renewable sources to charge vehicles in accordance with the green energy label of Naturstrom AG.

The new charging stations are identically designed to ensure that all stations operate consistently. This allows e-drivers to access all public charging stations with one single charging-card, regardless of the different operators of the charging infrastructure. As a result, the city of Berlin will be more accessible for electric vehicles.

State Secretary Christian Gaebler said: “I am pleased that the consortium is certified with the green energy label of Naturstrom AG. This requires all charging stations to apply renewable energy sources and ensures that electric vehicles in Berlin are driven by clean energy. Due to this requirement, a further growth of electric transportation will lead to an increase in the production of renewable energy.”

In September 2016, the Senate of Berlin and The Dutch Consortium will discuss the possibility of further expanding the city’s charging infrastructure by 2020. This will depend on the demand for more charging locations and new charging solutions.

For more information about the charging infrastructure in Berlin, and the upcoming charging stations realized by Allego and New Motion, please visit: Allego Announcement PR