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Starting shot for European Clean Mobility Center

26 Jan 2016

Generating more economic value and innovative solutions in the sustainable mobility industry by bringing together business and research, government and education.

This is with that collective ambition that several market parties have joined forces to establish the Clean Mobility Center, a ‘European center for business innovation’. The unofficial starting shot will be on January 26th.

Leading center

The Clean Mobility Center’s mission is to be a leading center with a directing role in Europe for efficiently sharing and developing knowledge and skills in sustainable mobility. From that starting point, the main goal is boosting and marketing innovations. “New energy solutions are necessary to reduce carbon emissions, in which mobility plays a large role. But seeing the size and complexity of the existing challenges, partial solutions will not suffice,” says Allego Director Anja van Niersen, one of the initiators of this ambitious project. “The combination of the participants working together to innovate is what makes this center unique.”
The center – which is located at Industrial Park Kleefse Waard (IPKW) in Arnhem with a test location, showroom and research facilities – has been praised by various educational institutes and businesses. In the region, they see an above-average concentration of companies that can contribute to sustainable mobility and a willingness to work with other parties in Europe towards a total solution. With this collaboration, more innovative power and therewith sustainable products and processes are provided, resulting in economic and ecological progress.


The Clean Mobility Center focuses on innovative solutions for all forms of mobility that can be made sustainable, including cars, buses, bikes and trucks. This can be done by innovating and/or more efficiently using the vehicles themselves, the infrastructure and direct mobility-related power generation and storage. Parties who agree with the center’s mission and goals and who want to actively participate are invited to sign up at

One of the challenges the center can contribute to is executing the extension of the A15 in a way that is as sustainable as possible. The ChargingPlaza, an innovative charging lot for electric cars, and the Trolley 2.0, an in-motion charging trolley bus which can partially drive without a trolley wire, are being further developed at the Clean Mobility Center. As housing, knowledge and networking are all within reach, the concept also strongly attracts startups.


The Clean Mobility Center is being established by Allego, CGI, DEKRA, DNV GL, EL-KW and IPKW. Former Minister Willem Vermeend has made a commitment to be an ambassador for the center. “This center for clean mobility will result in chain integration and synergy, leading to innovation,” says Vermeend, currently an internet entrepreneur, professor and strategic advisor. “The Clean Mobility Center strongly attracts and is the place for knowledge and content in terms of sustainable mobility.”

The City of Arnhem, HAN University of Applied Sciences, the kiEMT [Knowledge and Innovation in Energy and Environmental Technology] Foundation, East Netherlands Development Agency, ROC Rijn IJssel, Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise (SEECE) and SUEZ are involved in the initiative as well. On January 26th, the involved parties will sign a letter of intent, giving the unofficial starting shot after months of preparation. The official opening of the Clean Mobility Center will take place on April 21st.