The Allego and EV charging highlights

European premiere of Allego in Haarlemmermeer

20 Jul 2016

In Haarlemmermeer Allego has realized the first ChargingPlaza within the EU that meets the official requirements of Renault, the Z.E. Ready certificate.

For the municipality this was an important reason for installing the charging plaza as most employees drive with Renault’s electric vehicles.

The ChargingPlaza – which consists of a single intelligent system that several loading points are attached to – is placed in the parking of the town hall of Haarlemmermeer and has place for 16 electric vehicles. ChargingPlaza makes smarter use of the available power capacity, removing the need to invest extra in aggravating systems or network connections. The municipality thus promotes clean electric mobility and meets the growing demand for charging possibilities.

“We see that there is a lot of interest in ChargingPlaza and have built different charging plazas throughout the Netherlands. E-drivers can find this on our Smoov app’’ says Anja van Niersen, General Manager of Allego. ‘’We are very proud that the municipality Haarlemmermeer has chosen for us and that ChargingPlaza is the first charging plaza that officially meets the requirements of Renault’’.