The Allego and EV charging highlights

Ultra-Fast-Charging for electric vehicles starting in Europe

18 Oct 2016

The European industries have the chance to strengthen their technology leadership with a new generation of Ultra-Fast-Charging for electric vehicles. This project is co-financed by the “Connecting Europe Facility” of the European Union for the amount of 6.5 million.

  • Ultra-Fast-Charging along TEN-T core network corridors connecting the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria
  • Charging time for 300 km reduced from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes
  • Total investment volume of around 13 million Euro

We are very honored to announce our participation in the Ultra-E consortium with you. The Ultra-E project, co-financed by the “Connecting Europe Facility” of the European Union, is a next milestone for electric driving. It deploys, for the first time, a network of 25 Ultra-Fast-Chargers (up to 350kW) along Ten-T corridors in Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Ultra-E is bringing key players in the e-mobility sector together (VERBUND AG/SMATRICS, Bayern Innovativ GmbH, Audi AG, BMW AG, Magna, Renault S.A, and Hubject GmbH, Allego) and includes a variety of ultra-fast-charging studies. The new ultra-fast-chargers will be added as a complementary infrastructure to the growing network of regular and fast chargers to support long distance driving for a coming generation of electric vehicles.

Allego is very proud to be the coordinator of this project and supports with its participation in Ultra-E the development of future proof charging solutions.

For further information see the attached press release.