The Allego and EV charging highlights

Charge your electric vehicle in 20 minutes or less at McDonald's Schiphol Noord

20 Sep 2016

Allego has installed two fast charging stations with Tesla adapters at McDonald´s Schiphol Noord. This now means that e-drivers can charge their electric car in 15 to 20 minutes.

The fast charging stations are easy to reach because McDonald’s Schiphol Noord is located nearby the highway (A4) and Schiphol Airport. This makes it perfect for e-drivers that are on the go or traveling to and from Schiphol.

McDonald Schiphol Noord has selected Allego because of its fast-growing European fast charging network and extensive experience with installing, maintaining and managing charging infrastructure. Allego has the largest fast-charging network in the Netherlands and expands its rapidly growing fast-charging network with the placement of these two fast chargers to 65 in the Netherlands and 155 in Europe.

”The growth of electric mobility continues. There are more and more cars that are suitable for fast charging and we’re happy to support that capability. Within the next few years, car manufacturers will bring more all-electric models on the market that use fast charging. This increases the need for fast charging, not only in the Netherlands but also throughout Europe. We aim to try and accelerate this growth by offering reliable and affordable charging solutions. The way we support companies like McDonald’s in their sustainability ambitions shows we are taking care of the whole process, from installation to operation and maintenance,” says Anja van Niersen, CEO Allego. “We think it is very important that organizations like McDonald Schiphol Noord continue to join our European fast charging network. The location right next to the A4 is extremely useful for e-drivers that travel to and from Schiphol and for the many electric taxis within the Amsterdam area.”