The Allego and EV charging highlights

Allego facilitates fast charging at Frankfurt International Airport

08 Aug 2017

Today, Allego is opening the first fast charging point at Frankfurt International Airport.

The four fast chargers have been installed at and in cooperation with the Gateway Gardens business village, located close to the airport and the most frequented Highway intersection A3 and A5. In addition to installing the charging infrastructure and solutions, Allego is also responsible for the operation and maintenance.

Three of the four fast chargers have been installed as part of the SLAM project, and support the CCS standard. The aim of this project is to create a strong and future proof fast charging network within Germany, which is being subsidised by the German government. Allego has also installed a fourth charger: a so called Triple Charger. As a supplement to the SLAM project fast chargers, the Triple Charger allows the e-driver to, next to a CCS plug, benefit from both standard CHAdeMO and 43kW AC fast charging. This means that every type of electric vehicle can use the fast charging point, irrespective of the technology. The location is also technically ready for high power charging, so that next generation EV´s can also charge here.

“Frankfurt International Airport is one of the most important hubs of Europe where many types of vehicles come together”, says Anja van Niersen, CEO of Allego. “Good charging possibilities are therefore vital. We are proud that Frankfurt International Airport has decided to enter into a partnership with us for the installation of a unique fast charging point, which can also expand together with the future charging needs of e-drivers.”