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Allego ‘Pearl of the Region’

17 Mar 2017

The Economic Board of Arnhem, Nijmegen and Wageningen has voted Allego as one of the region’s ‘Pearls’, or gems. The award, which is given to firms making an impact, was presented by the Economic Board’s Director, Sigrid Helbig.

The 3D-printed award was presented to CEO Anja van Niersen during a visit to Allego in Arnhem, in the presence of a large group of colleagues. It became clear during the visit that the company’s significant involvement with the region, combined with international expansion and strong innovation, were the reasons underpinning the award.

Allego is proud of its Arnhem origins, and considers the award as confirmation of its considerable regional involvement.

You can read the Economic Board’s full press release here (Dutch only)

Below a brief impression of the presentation: