The Allego and EV charging highlights

New Innovation in EV Charging: Allego can now balance available renewable energy

04 Oct 2018

Allego can now balance available renewable energy and grid capacity while meeting the individual charging demands of the driver.

As of today Allego offers companies and EV drivers an improved control of charging sessions. Allego’s EV Cloud contain a smart charging solution that enables companies, grid operators, and energy suppliers to influence energy demand on the grid.

It also shifts and spreads out the charging of electric vehicles (EV) to times when renewable energy is produced, when energy rates are low or to regulate power capacities on the grid. This smart charging solutions can be used with a wide array of EVs and charging stations. Allego uses Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins platform for smart charging, data modelling and real-time data processing.

With the growing number of electric vehicles, grid stability and the management of the grid and energy will be essential for energy suppliers, utility companies, municipalities, fleet management and of course the EV drivers. Balancing energy is necessary because power generation from renewable energies depends on availability of sun and wind and can therefore only be controlled to a limited extent. Additionally, advancing electric mobility brings new technical innovations, EVs will no longer just be consumers of electricity, but will also be able to feed power back into the grid, as needed. This demands a reliable and intelligent charging solution for data modelling and real-time data processing at cloud scale. Therefore the new smart charging solution by Allego uses Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, a new service that brings spatial intelligence to real-time IoT data and takes into account individual driver needs, like type of EV and departure time to determine the final charging profile. It supports all types of electric vehicles, as well as the ability to adjust pricing and prioritization for charging.

“Once again Allego is demonstrating its view of an integrated e-infrastructure and its belief in a sustainability that extends far beyond charging hardware. With Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins platform, we are shaping the electro-mobility market of the future. Our smart electric vehicle charging solution is in the nascent phase but an important underpinning milestone in our journey of the upcoming e-mobility”, says Marc Diks, CIO at Allego.

“We are excited about early preview of EV optimization and other capabilities that the Azure platform now provides, comments Larry Cochrane, Azure Global Energy Industry, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft”. The synergy between Allego and Microsoft in e-charging and software solutions makes our collaboration well-suited. Through this we will establish a position at the forefront of the growing market for charging stations and help to promote electric mobility around the world”, Larry Cochrane added.