10 Mar 2022

Power your body and your EV at the same time! Together with FitX, we are making it even easier to integrate charging your EV into your everyday life. FitX is the first fitness studio chain in Germany to offer such a charging infrastructure.

"We are very pleased to set up our charging solutions at the first selected FitX Deutschland GmbH locations and to expand our fast charging network in cooperation with one of the leading fitness chains in Germany," explains Ulf Schulte, Managing Director of Allego GmbH. "Charging your e-vehicle while exercising is the easy and convenient way to integrate charging into your everyday life. The FitX locations are perfect for this."

The first FitX charging locations are announced

Contracts have already been signed for the cities of Essen, Bielefeld, and Oberhausen, with more to follow soon. Allego will equip these first locations with at least one 150 kW charger and AC charging solutions. Negotiations are already underway for larger charging parks with up to 12 charging points and a charging capacity of up to 300 kW per charging point. Payment is made via all common charging cards and apps as well as ad-hoc charging by credit card. 

"We are pleased to soon be able to offer our members charging points at the first locations. Reconnecting the given infrastructure with a focus on sustainability is an important issue that concerns us all, now and in the future. And we are pleased to be able to make a small contribution," says Markus Vancraeyenest, Managing Director of FitX Deutschland GmbH. 

Realisation of fast charging locations will start this year 


The realization will begin this year, and numerous other locations are under discussion until the end of 2023. As soon as the first fast-charging site has been built, more information will be published.