Charging for your visitors

As your partner we unlock the business value of e-Mobility. Retail locations are the perfect charging location as charging also means parking. The perfect opportunity for EV-drivers to enter your shop and grow your revenue!

What it takes to make it happen

  • Investments in EV charging infrastructure are substantial, while constructing and operating charging infrastructure is probably not your core business
  • Reliable data and forecast modelling needed to determine the optimal charging solution for each location and address all customer needs
  • Extensive EV market experience needed to understand ideal customer journey and maximise value creation for your business
Why partner with Allego

EV Charging has been our core business for 7+ years – We have successfully developed, financed and operated a network of 25,000+ charge points. We have gained extensive experience in unlocking new revenue for retail partners and continue to heavily invest in expanding our European charging network.


Hoe kunnen wij u helpen?

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