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Just like buying petrol, charging your car costs money. This is called a charging service. The price for this service is made up of several elements, including the cost of purchase, installation, maintenance and electricity. Prices can vary per municipality, depending on the agreements made, so please consult your own municipality to find out the costs of the charging service locally.

You can easily find a charge point using our find a charge point map which shows all available chargers.  In this map, you can filter out the charge points that are suitable for your electric car. 

If a malfunction should unexpectedly occur, please call the number shown on the charging station. The helpdesk experts will help you immediately and professionally. Please make sure you have the reference number of the charging station to hand. NL: 0800 3745337 BE: 0800 78192 GER: 030 2332 10000 UK: 0800 0294601

The billing and payment of the charging process is done by your mobility provider, who gives you the charge card or provides the charging app. If you do not have a permanent contract then we also offer payment via Visa, Mastercard and Paypal at many stations.

Requesting a public charging station couldn't be simpler. Just visit openbaarladen.nl, search for your municipality and click ‘apply for a public charging station’.

Allego or Smoov does not provide MSP cards to EV drivers. EV driver has to arrange this themselves. 
You can search for Top MSPs on the following websites. 

  The Netherlands: https://laadpastop10.nl/

  Germany: https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/anbieter/

  Belgium: https://ik-rij-elektrisch.be/laadpassen/

  United Kingdom: https://www.zap-map.com/charge-points/ev-energy-tariffs/

There could be multiple reasons for this. 

  • If you have a new MSP card that is not yet activated. In this case, you need to contact your MSP to activate the card. 
  • Allego does not have an MSP contract with the said MSP. 
  • The new cards are not yet registered at Allego. In this case, your MSP needs to send us the card information. 

Regular Charging 

You need a Type 2 charging cable that is suitable for regular charging. The charging cable is brought by the user and must fit the vehicle.

Fast Charging 

A set of Full electric vehicles (battery electric vehicles ) and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can charge at our Allego chargers using a CCS or a CHAdeMO plug. 


Read all about charging cables on our blog. 



The charging time of an electric vehicle depends on several factors: the current charge of the battery and the total capacity of the battery, the charging technology in the electric vehicle, the equipment and type of charging station available and the type of charging cable used. For example a BMW i3 with 11 kW AC charger charges up to 11 kWh per hour at an AC charging station with a three-phase charging cable. A single-phase charging cable only charges 3.7 kWh per hour.


Read more about charging duration on our Blog. 

Sorry to hear that! If you are at the charging station, the best thing to do is call the service number +31 (0)800-3745337. The customer centre’s experts can usually help you straight away. Make sure to note down the charging station number before you call.

If a non-electric car is parked at the parking lot which is reserved for an electric car, you should contact the responsible municipality to report the said matter.

Read more about Smart charging.

If you are at the charging point, the best thing to do is call the service number shown. The customer centre’s experts can usually help straight away. Within the Netherlands you can call +31 (0)800-3745337. Make sure to note down the charging station number before you call.

Request a charge point

You can find more answers at openbaarladen.nl/veelgestelde-vragen

You request a status check via our contact form on Support & Contact

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