Allego opens a HPC station at Ettenhuber

27 Aug 2019

​​​​​​​​​​Ettenhuber is a German bus company with a fleet of over 100 buses and 3 electric ones. Allego has now opened a HPC location at Ettenhuber GmbH. The charging infrastructure in Munich/Feldkirchen at Otto-Lilienthal-Ring 22 has been installed.

Ettenhuber mentioned that they want to promote electromobility and act upon climate change. Their operation was commissioned with three electric buses in the course of a Europe-wide tender for the electrification of regional bus line 232. By December this year, Ettenhuber will be the first ever private bus company in the Schengen area to transport passengers with electric buses.


At the end of August this year, the charging stations will be accessible for private customers from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. So anyone can charge their EV with an international charging standard, the Combined Charging System (CSS) charging plug. This is because the buses are only being charged during the night.


The installation of the charging infrastructure for EV's benefits not only the citizens of the district, but also those passing through. The charging stations are located close to the Munich East motorway junction and can therefore be used conveniently during the day for short recharges. The three charging stations, which are installed and operated by Allego, are so-called ultra-fast charging columns, i.e. even cars with large battery storage units are fully charged in a short period of time with the appropriate charging capacity. The consumption-dependent charging tariff is calculated on the basis of kWh.Three electric cars with an initial capacity of 30 to 150 kW can be charged on the three pillars.


"If the vehicle can charge so quickly, then a charging time of 15 minutes will take you 200 km," says Ettenhuber. During this quarter of an hour, it is possible to use the well-maintained sanitary facilities at the depot.

For more information visit wochenanzeiger (German only).