120 New Allego fast chargers at Van der Valk hotels

08 Okt 2021

We are enhancing our existing partnership with Van der Valk hotels by offering a large number of fast charging facilities at over 50 hotels across the Netherlands and Belgium.

The main focus will be on the installation of at least 60 ultra-fast chargers ranging from 150kW to 300kW. In order to meet the variety in charging needs, 60 fast chargers of 50kW will also be installed. Customers who anticipate a longer stay can use one of the additional 100 AC 11kW chargers included in this project.

Accelerating EV charging availability

Through this strategic agreement, we are taking a major step forward in our mission to offer EV drivers the correct charging facility at the appropriate speed and in the right location. Together with Van der Valk, we are accelerating the availability of charging locations along travel corridors and in metropolitan areas. Our long-term partnership also provides for future expansions, should the EV market require it.

Ultra-fast charging and excellent hospitality services

The ultra-fast 150kW and 300 kW charging stations allow EV drivers to obtain sufficient range in a short period of time, with time for a visit to a Van der Valk hotel. Van der Valk hotels are all centrally located along provincial roads and motorways, combining the best of two worlds: a short drive from the road and the level of service and comfort that Van der Valk hotels offer. A delicious lunch, cup of coffee or bathroom break are always excellently catered for.

Van der Valk Cuijk to be the first

We currently operate ultra-fast chargers at various Van der Valk hotels. The installation of the charging facilities at the Cuijk-Nijmegen hotel will start in Q4 2021. We aim to have the other locations up and running within two years.