Allego charges electric vehicles with green electricity from solar farm of Klimaatfonds Nederland

10 Mai 2023

Klimaatfonds Nederland and Allego have jointly signed a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) to purchase sustainably generated electricity from Zonnepark Adijk II. This way, Allego secures a long-term supply of green electricity to charge its customers' EVs and actively contributes to reducing CO2 emissions in transport.

Green electricity directly from the solar farm

Solar Park Aadijk II is being built in the coming months and will soon generate around 45,000 megawatt hours of renewable electricity each year. The park will be connected to the public electricity grid by the end of 2023. It can charge around 2,000 electric vehicles daily via the various Allego charging stations. To make EV charging fast, safe and easy for all users, Allego is working on a reliable ecosystem to source its energy 100% sustainably and with stability for the future.

Mathieu Bonnet, CEO of Allego: "Klimaatfonds Nederland is a reliable partner for Allego to realise the supply of 100% sustainably generated energy for our EV drivers. It suits our vision to offer every EV rider the security of going anywhere from Allego's reliable and sustainable charging network."

Klimaatfonds Nederland

Klimaatfonds Nederland is an investment platform focused on the realisation and operation of sustainable energy projects in the Netherlands. Klimaatfonds Nederland is accelerating the Dutch energy transition through long-term partnerships with project developers and end-users.

"The CPPA with Allego is a new milestone for both parties and, in addition, a good example of two companies where the sustainable ambitions fit well together." said Tim Damen of Klimaatfonds Nederland. "Thanks to the agreement with Allego, we know for sure that the electricity produced by our solar farm will be used sustainably and significantly contribute to making road transport in the Netherlands more sustainable."

For its pipeline of more than 180 MWp of solar parks, among others, which will be built over the next 12 months, Klimaatfonds Nederland is currently exploring opportunities for additional CPPAs with wholesale customers.

Corporate PPA

Volatility and increased prices in the electricity market are prompting many companies to search for a sustainable solution. Not only sustainable in terms of energy, but also certainly in terms of price stability. Through a special agreement, the so-called Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA), a company can buy renewable electricity directly from a specific solar farm, without the intervention of an energy supplier. In current market conditions, this is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the producer, as the buyer obtains long-term security on part of its electricity costs. And the producer is assured of stable long-term revenues. In short, a cooperation that both Allego and Klimaatfonds Nederland are very proud of.