Overzicht netwerkstatus

Network connectivity issues

Currently there are no network interruptions. Do you have a question about the availability of a specific charger? Please check our charge point information page.

Fast charging hubs known issues

Due to the installation of a 52m high advertising pylon, 2 of our chargers at this location are temporarily blocked. Only 1 charger with 2 charging points will be available  from May 30 until June 17. 

Location is closed due to a damaged transformer. Resolution time is currently unknown.

Belgium Gentbrugge - Ternat - Antwerp

Germany Achern - Bissendorf - Lippetal - Aichstetten - Quirla - Hohen Neuendorf - Luebbenau - Eichenzell - Satteldorf - Oberhonnefeld - Dresden - Ottersberg - Rostock

Netherlands Eindhoven - Urmond - Leiderdorp - Vuren - Bunnik - Deventer - Eemnes - Uden - Oosterhout


We make sure that there is at least 1 fast charger available at all times. After the upgrade our chargers will offer an improved charging experience.

Temporary closed locations

Visit our project page to see which locations are closed and when.