Allego partners with Refugee Talent Hub

06 Nov 2019

Partnership creates a new perspective for refugees and further diversifies Allego’s culture.

As a successful European charge point operator with an open and diverse organizational culture, Allego can offer new hires a successful long-term career perspective in an international environment. The partnership fits in with Allego’s HR policy, aimed at an inclusive workforce in which differences are valued.

Jørgen Schneithorst, Head of HR at Allego: “There is a lot of unlocked potential with talented refugees for whom it’s not always easy to find a job because they lack a good network. Moreover, companies are sometimes afraid to hire them out of unfamiliarity with their culture. At Allego, we’d like to contribute to their talents and create the right environment for them to integrate into our society. By doing so, we aim to create a new perspective and to improve the lives and livelihoods of refugees who have been forcibly displaced from their home countries. At the same time, we expect to benefit from their knowledge and expertise. By hiring this talent, they are helping us to realise our ambition of unlimited clean electric mobility.

Wilma Roozenboom, Director Refugee Talent Hub: “The Refugee Talent Hub brings employers and refugee talents closer together with the goal of paid employment. This is in the interest of the refugee, employer, and society. Jobs empower, give confidence and contribute to the faster integration of refugees, but many employers don’t know how to get in touch with them. A job opportunity starts with meeting the other; networking and discovering individual talents. Our ambition is to organize relatively small events and still make a big impact on the individual lives of refugees, participating employers and with that the society as a whole.”

Allego is an innovative, international company. Because of its rapid international growth, it has many possibilities to offer for an exciting career in for example IT, project management, contract management, sales and delivery management.

Allego started this initiative in the Netherlands, but is also exploring opportunities together with the Refugee Talent Hub network in other countries like Germany.