Allego and Enel X join forces to offer EV drivers seamless charging across Europe

04 juin 2020

The partnership with Allego expands Enel X charging network across Europe. For both companies the agreement is an important step towards offering hassle-free charging solutions for Enel X customers driving their electric cars across Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. It helps to create a more extensive and international charging network and gives its drivers a sense of security that tackles range anxiety - an important aspect in electric car adoption across the continent.

In effect, the cooperation makes EV driving and charging more practical, affordable and easily accessible for drivers. It allows all parties to use each other's services, with just a single contract for the EV driver, allowing to charge via Enel X App Juice Pass. “There is substantial growth potential for electric mobility across Europe and strong interest in the marketplace. Therefore I am glad that we are tapping more and more into this market. Making EV charging more accessible across Europe will help people to switch to driving electric”, comments Anna Lenaerts, Managing Director Allego France & Southern Europe.

Enel X is offering EV drivers a smooth charging experience throughout Europe without having to worry about where to fill up their electric vehicles abroad or sign up for contracts with other providers. We have finalized this project in all safety and looking ahead, we will continue to launch similar eRoaming initiatives to foster economic recovery through our sustainable business model. Towards this aim, we will also be leveraging on the vast opportunities offered by the Hubject network, with a view to create a true pan-European electric highway that will drive Europeans through this challenging period towards a truly open society”, says Francesco Venturini, CEO Enel X.

Enel X collaborates with different partners ensuring access for customers to different networks for EV charging. In total Enel X has expanded its already available public 10,000 charging points in Europe to around 30,000 public charging points through eRoaming connectivity including these of Allego. Allego and Enel X chose the Roaming Service Platform of Hubject as the technical interface and access to the charging locations for the EV-drivers. Both companies share the common goal to increase cross border mobility and enable the creation of an interoperable charging network accessible anywhere at any time. This is essential to the roll-out of electric mobility in Europe, as well as creating a single market for EV drivers and services based on quality and reliability.