More power! Upgrading 40 fast charging locations in Germany

09 févr. 2021

Great news for e-driving in Germany. As of today, we are starting to replace part of our fast charging network in Germany with ultrafast chargers (HPC). Tripling the speed at 40 locations from 50kW to 150kW and above.

Back in 2015, Allego started the Fast-E project. An EU supported project to deploy an EV fast-charging network (50kW) in both Germany and Belgium. Resulting in the installation of 241 fast-charging stations all across Germany and 37 across Belgium. Due to the increased utilisation and to offer a better charging service to our customers, we have decided to upgrade a total of 40 Fast-E locations. The upgrade will take place at locations near major cities like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. As well as along major highways, like in the Ruhr-area.

Fast-E locations Germany Allego

The upgrade program requires the installation of new charging equipment. Tripling the available power and fitting each charging station with 2 connectors which can be used simultaneously. For a few selected sites 300 kW chargers are foreseen. As most locations have been designed to accommodate a higher power capacity, we expect to upgrade our network quickly. Ultimately by the end of 2021 all 40 locations will be upgraded.

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