Charging locations

We have installed 48 new charging points in Hackney, London

19 mai 2022

Our network in England is expanding, we have installed 48 charging points in Hackney, a district of London. The 48 charging points are regular charging points on the streets of Hackney.

More sustainable transport alternatives in Hackney London

The partnership with Hackney was established in line with their ongoing efforts to provide residents with greener transport options in their effort to tackle the climate emergency in Hackney. We have provided 24 dual-socket fast chargers that go up to 22 kW.

In total there are now 128 charge points in London

This follows the installation of the 80 charging points in the London Borough of Newham last year, taking the total to 128 new on-street charging points delivered by Allego in London in the last 6 months.

Mete Coban MBE, Cabinet Member for Energy, Waste, Transport, and Public Realm, said “Providing equal access to affordable electric vehicle charging across Hackney is a key part of our plan to rebuild a greener, Hackney. Our vision is for the Borough to be: greener, with more trees and wildlife; healthier, with more of us walking, cycling and taking public transport; and, cleaner, with better air quality. With the new car club and 300 new charging points, we are turbocharging Hackney for the electric vehicle transition, giving residents access to charging infrastructure that could save them hundreds of pounds every year. We are continuing to take the lead in rolling out charge points, with the outcome of an ambitious procurement program for 2,000 on-street charges set to be announced later this year.”

Allego Managing Director for the UK and Ireland Paz Sharma said: “Working with Hackney Council in delivering this initiative, is a fundamental step forward in helping the council to enable the transition to greener transport and reduce carbon emissions within London. Allego’s proven experience in delivering EV charging infrastructure, now means drivers across the Borough will have access to more charge point locations, providing them with greater choice and convenience. We see this partnership with Hackney Council as a significant step forward in expanding the EV charging network and giving the public greater confidence that they can charge their electric vehicle when they need”.
The agreement between Allego and the London Borough of Hackney is part of the Go Ultra Low City Scheme (GULCS), a joint initiative between Transport for London (TfL), the Greater London Authority (GLA), and London Councils to install on-street EV charging points across

In addition to further on-street charging locations across London, Allego, who speciailise in Ultra-Fast EV Charging Destinations, are progressing a significant expansion plan in the UK. The aim is to develop over 300 new Ultra-Fast EV Charging locations in the next 5 years. With over 28,000 charge points across Europe and UK, and having recently launched on the New York Stock Exchange, Allego are in a prime position to accelerate their growth in EV infrastructure. By doing so, this will help to meet the needs of EV Drivers as well as deliver towards the Governments ambitions, to be the fastest nation in the G7 to decarbonise road transport, where sales of all new petrol and diesel cars and vans would end in 2030.