Blog 20 juin 2019

An EV is not only a green option for commuters, but it will also make your road trip more exciting. All you need is to find the perfect spots for you and your EV to charge. Maastricht is an excellent choice: a unique environment near the three-country point, the nicest boutiques, trendy lunch addresses and a lot of charging stations.

Whether you are looking to spend the weekend or just passing through, Maastricht has got great opportunities for you and your EV to recharge. The city calls itself ‘city of good taste’, with lots of restaurants, bars, boutiques and hotels, this might as well be true. Interesting enough, for a city with a history of coal mines, Maastricht has major sustainability ambitions. The municipality of Maastricht wants the city to be climate neutral and is working on project #missionzeromaastricht to achieve that goal.

Here are some suggestions on special and sustainable hotspots that the city has to offer.


FiftyFive Restaurant

FiftyFive is located in a monumental building in the heart of Maastricht. The restaurant is inspired by the 50/50 principle: a nice balance between socializing and culinary enjoyment. The kitchen is based on the classic French style with a modern interpretation. They use seasonal products and the menu is adjusted every week.

Nearest charge point; Vrijthof 100, 270 m

Café Zondag

For a healthy start to your Sunday -or any other day of the week- go to Café Zondag. Enjoy warm banana bread with walnuts and a fresh juice or delicious - slightly less healthy - scones with cream cheese. The café is open till late, so you can also end the day there with a drink and some snacks.

Nearest charge point; Wycker Grachtstraat 40, 230 m


Mr. Smith

Special and super delicious cocktails are served from Wednesday to Saturday in this somewhat secretive bar. Hidden in plain sight. We don't want to come across as preachy, but: don't drink & drive. Have a look at our hotel tips.

Nearest charge point; Wycker Grachtstraat 40, 160 m


Bookstore Dominicanen

In the centuries-old Dominican church, you will find the special bookstore Dominicanen. You feel the rich history immediately upon arrival and you can go there for a wide range of books, music and books for professionals. Located in the heart of Maastricht, between the Vrijthof and the Markt, this is a place you should visit even if you are not a bookworm.

Nearest charge point; Vrijthof 35, 180 m

Winery Ruyters & De Koning Wijn en Antiek

In this winery, you will find organically and sustainably produced wines from the area, but also from Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The store also sells antiques and curiosities, perfect to find a sustainable souvenir of your visit.

Nearest charge point; Wycker Grachtstraat 40, 240 m


The Student Hotel

This hotel chain has locations in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin, also Maastricht is among this list of metropolises. It’s is a place where anyone with a student spirit – curious, open, free, adventurous – can thrive. The hotel chain is developing the green hotel of the future, but The Student Hotel Maastricht already has a sustainable character where you can leave your EV with confidence and step on one of the rental bikes to dive into the city.

Nearest charge point; Student Hotel parking, 50 m

Being well rested, having great food and enjoying good company, are ideal conditions for a road trip with your EV. Whether it’s in your free time or during a business trip: at Allego we make EV driving primarily as relaxed and fun as possible.

With Smoov you can find all charging locations in Maastricht;




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